PG Medicine (Residency ) in USA for Indian Students

Residency: Doing PG Medicine is called Residency. You can do Residency in Internal Medicine- 3 Yrs, Pediatrics-3 Yrs., General Surgeon-5 Yrs. and Neuro Surgery- 7Yrs.

Number of Residency: 4000 numbers for Non-USA Medical students from all countries out of 35,000 total seats.

Success rate for Indians: 3 to 4 per year.

Eligibility:  MBBS students from any country can do PG Medicine in USA. Your University / College should have been  listed in the WHO Medical Directory. If the University is listed, you are eligible. Check you college here.

Entrance Test: Before applying to PG Medicine, you have to clear the written test. The name of the test you should clear to do PG Medicine is called USMLE ( United State Medical Licencing Examination ). This test has got 3 levels. STEP-1, STEP-2 & STEP-3.  You have to clear STEP-1 & STEP-2 to apply for PG. STEP-2 has two tests viz. STEP-2 CK ( Clinical Knowledge ) & STEP-2 CS ( Clinical Skill ). STEP-1 & STEP-2 CK are computer based examinations and can be written from any country. However CS will be tested in USA.

Time Limit: Within 7 years all the steps should be completed.

When to apply for Entrance Test: While you are in 3rd year MBBS or later, you can apply for STEP-1. While you are in 4th or 5th MBBS, you can apply for STEP-2

Once certified by ECFMG, you can start your residency. On completing Residency complete STEP-3 and you will be licenced to practice medicine in USA