Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

  1. Foreign MBBS is recognised in India ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Yes. You can join any University listed in the MCI website (https://www.Mciindia.org )

2.  Which is best ? MBBS in India or Abroad ?

Both are same.

  • NEET is required to join MBBS in India & Abroad
  • NEXT examination has to be passed by both the MBBS students studied in India & Abroad
  • Both the MBBS students studying in India & Abroad, can Transfer to other Universities
  • Both the MBBS students studied in India & Abroad, can work in Government hospitals in India
  • Syllabus in India & Abroad are almost same. Books are also same.

3. What is the NEXT Examination ?

  • To work in India as a Doctor, NEXT ( National Exit Examination ) has to be passed by both  students studying MBBS in India & Abroad.
  • All the students joined MBBS from 2019 in India and Abroad has to pass NEXT .

4.  I am Not NEET Qualified , Should I repeat NEET or Join MBBS ?

  •  Yes. Join MBBS. NEET Repeat is waste of time. Coaching centres can not guarantee a seat in India.
  • Mr. Bastion will guarentee a MBBS Seat , which will lead you to legally work in India as a Doctor.
  •  Get an appointment now through, wattsapp with our Vice-President, Mr. Bastion @ 8939 52 2407.

5. Can I study MBBS in 2 Universities ?

Yes. From 2018, MBBS students in India and Abroad can study in 2 or more Universities.

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