Step-1 : When will I become a Doctor ?

You can become Doctor in India quickly, if you choose the correct country. Compare the number of years taken to register in India after studying MBBS abroad. China is best – you will become a Doctor, 2 years earlier than from other countries.  Avoid Philippines for MBBS – why?    Russia or China ?

Step-2 : MCI Test Pass Comparision

Passing MCI Test is important to become a Doctor in India. Compare the number of students passed MCI Screening test : 2012-2014. This Data is provided by MOFW& H, Govt. of India in 2015. Lots of Indian Students who studied MBBS in China passed MCI Test

Source : Ministry of Family Welfare & Health, Government of India- 2015.

Step-3 : Compare the Safety

Safety in a study destination is important for International students like you.

By Comparing Crime rate & Natural Calamities risk of countries , you can choose the safest country based on the risk you would like to take.

The crime Rate per day shows the number of murders in a day for every one lakh population: The high risk countries will have tall bars & will be in Read Color in the graph.

The chances of risk due to Flood, Cyclone, Earthquake, Valcano, etc are shown below: Tall and Red color bars show the high.

China is safest comparing to Philippines & other Countries.

Crime Rate per Day

Natural Calamities Risk

shows , chances of getting affected during the natural calamities like flood, earth quake, Cyclone, etc.. The high risk countries will have tall bars & will be in Red Color in the graph.