Bangkok is a thriving metropolis of over eight million people. It has always been a more cosmopolitan place than much of Thailand due to its port and the diverse people that came to the city through it. Bangkok today serves as a transportation and financial hub for mainland Southeast Asia. The majority of Thailand’s exports and imports go through Bangkok, particularly the port, which makes it a vital centre for business and the country’s economy. Interestingly, government is the largest single employer in the city, but there are also significant opportunities available in a variety of other industries such as commerce, construction and manufacturing. Tourism is a significant source of income for the city, and English is used and taught extensively in the city in addition to the official language, Thai.

Students studying in Bangkok will experience the fascinating dichotomy between the modern and the past. The city used to be known as the ‘Venice of the East’ due to its extensive network of canals. Although today some of the Klongs (as they are known) have been replaced by roads, they still provide a chance to see a part of Bangkok where life continues at a quieter pace with floating shops and wooden houses and pots of flowers lining the canals.

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