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Pilot Training

Private Pilot License Pilots are required to go through many hours of flight training and theoretical study, that differ depending on the country. The first step is acquiring the Private Pilot License (PPL), or Private Pilot Certificate. This takes at least 40 hours of flight time with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Instrument Rating The next step […]

Charted Engineering

Become a Charted Engineer. You can attain an internationally recognized and respected mark of competence and show commitment to the engineering profession in the following field Aeronautical Agricultural Engineering Artificial Intelligence Bio-Tech Civil Computer & IT Chemical Electrical Electronics Genetic Engineering Mechanical Marine Mechatronics Nano technology Robotics Sports Engineering Textile Engineering


Bangkok is a thriving metropolis of over eight million people. It has always been a more cosmopolitan place than much of Thailand due to its port and the diverse people that came to the city through it. Bangkok today serves as a transportation and financial hub for mainland Southeast Asia. The majority of Thailand’s exports and imports go through […]


The Philippine education system is one of the best in Asia. The quality of the education in the country is reflected in the number of overseas Filipino workers establishing their careers all over the world in the fields of healthcare, information technology, engineering, graphic designs, and more. According to Bureau of Immigration, the number of […]


Germany has always played a dominant role in Europe, both politically and economically. Even in today’s date, German economy single-handedly provides stability to the Euro zone. Considered to be the hub of engineering and technological knowledge and expertise as well as a robust centre of the literature, music and the arts, Germany continues to attract […]

New Zealand

New Zealand may be best known for its stunning countryside, a population of 4.4 million who enjoy classy wine and herds of sheep. However, with study costs, financial aid and post-graduation employment prospects emerging as highly important factors in choosing a destination, New Zealand is gradually drawing itself towards the centre stage of international education. […]


Australia is a global education powerhouse with fantastic long-term opportunities. The infrastructure, facilities, teaching and networking experience in Australia is second to none. This is why studying in Australia has become popular. Moreover, the Australian government has been heavily involved in building a ‘truly internationalised’ education system that is driven by research to address the challenges of […]

Xiamen University Medical College

About Name : Xiamen University Established : 1926 Govt./ Private : Government Total Students : 27,000 Location : Xiamen, Fujian State, China Website : Xiamen University Compare with other Universities   Xiamen Other Universities in China Universities in other countries Academics Pre-Medical Course No No Yes in Philipines Course Pattern Indian South Asian USA / […]

Qiqihar Medical University

Name : Qiqihar Medical University Established : 1946 Govt./ Private : Government Total Students : 20,000 Location : Qiqihar, Jianxi State, China Website : Qiqihar Medical University Compare with other Universities Qiqihar  University Other China Universities Universities in other countries Academics Pre-Medical Course No No Yes in Philipines Course Pattern Indian South Asian USA / others […]